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aircraft acquisition

Purchasing an aircraft is one of the major tangible investments a company or individual will ever make. It is a complex process that requires a clear strategy, years of experiences and the right ally.
TSH aero aircraft acquisition services

Having a professional on your side who understands all the aspects of business aviation and of your acquisition project is essential.

Since 1992, Thierry S. Huguenin has served numerous clients assisting them to acquire the best aircraft for their specific types of mission and within predetermined budgets.

As your guide and consultant, TSH aero will assist you through the entire process of aircraft acquisition by representing your best interest.

You air travel needs are specific to you and your company, your typical mission profiles to fulfill with a private aircraft are unique. We will elaborate an aircraft solution based on your operational needs and economic model.

We will use our knowledge and experience in general aviation and in corporate pre-owned aircraft  market toward the location and presentation of aircraft which are available for purchase and/or lease and which are suitable for your project. We will evaluate each aircraft carefully. We will negotiate the purchase terms including the price. We will coordinate a comprehensive technical and pre-purchase inspection.

Our services are totally customized. We can assist you with documentation and contracting including LOI, purchase offer and purchase agreement. We can manage the relation with the escrow agent and with the lenders and even arrange the acceptance of the aircraft and the delivery.

No surprise costs and fees – all costs related to purchasing an aircraft are identified up-front. Our compensation is governed by a flat-fee, determined in advance. In no way it is tied to the purchase price.